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Corporate Information

Company NameAllied Carbon Solutions Co., Ltd.
Address8-3-32 Nishishinjyuku Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo Japan 1600023
Capital253,620,000 JPY
President & CEOYosuke Yamagata
Director (India rep.)Tatsuma Kawakami
Director & CFOKazuhiro Ono
DirectorShinichiro Kato
DirectorObumi Furuya
AuditorNobumitsu Kibe
Legal AdviserURYU & ITOGA
Associated BankMitsui Sumitomo Bank, Nishi Shinjuku Branch
Japan Finance Corporation
Bank of India, Tokyo Branch, Oversees Branch
State Bank of India, Tokyo Branch, Udaipur Branch
Allied Carbon Solutions Pte. Ltd.
Address10 Gopen Street, 25-02 Icon, Singapore 078878
Allied Carbon Solutions USA LLC
Address3 Cox‘s walk North Haven, NY 11963
ACS Alternative Fuels Private Limited
AddressPlot No: G-192-193, Gudli Industrial Area, RIICO, Gudli, Tehsil Mavli, Dist, Udaipur (Rajasthan)
Business Description The manufacturer of Bio Surfactant
R&D and product sales related to cultivation through biotechnology used for horticultural trees and plants
Sales, import / export operations on agricultural products

History of the company

2008Allied Carbon Solutions Co., Ltd was incorporated
2009Allied Carbon Solutions USA LLC was incorporated
2010ACS Alternative Fuels Private Limited was incorporated
2010Made the contract for R&D of Bio Surfactant (Sophorolipids : ACS-Sophor) with AIST(Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan).
2011Started Joint R&D with Indian Pharmaceutical company for manufacturing ACS-Sophor
2012Started the commercial sales of ACS-Sophor to Japanese detergent Market.
2013Made a Contract with Indian pharmaceutical company for manufacturing ACS-Sophor.
2013Started manufacturing ACS-Sophor
2013Completed registration of INCI (Candida Bombicola/Madhuca Longifolia Seed Oil Ferment Extract)
Completed registration of CAS No.
Registry Number : 1573124-58-9
CA Index Name : Glycolipids ,, sophorose-contg ,, Candida bombicola-fermented, from D- glucose and mahua Madhuca longifolia fats and glyceridic oils
2015Completed registration of US EPA(US Environmental Protection Agency) TSCA

What is ACS-Sophor?

Bio Surfactants ACS-Sophor®
(Trademark2013−015146), First Class

Allied Carbon Solutions Co.,Ltd , in collaboration with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and the University of the Ryukyus have established the technology to mass-produce naturally-derived high-performance surfactants called "biosurfactants" from non-edible biomass.
Production of biosurfactants from non-edible biomass using yeast
Madhuca longifolia
Madhuca oil
(High melting point)
Utilizing Mahua Oil for Fermantation Carbon Source.

Utilizing Indian Mahua Oil which is non-edible feedstock. Free from the Food Problems. [Patent Pending]

Technical Field
  • Biosurfactants which use Non-Edible biomass (Madhuca oil)
Application number
  • The number of the patent application : 2013-024713
Fermented by Avirulence Strain

ACS-Sophor is 100% Natural Product made by Stamerella (Candida) bombicola. The strain first utilize Mahua Oil , then biosynthesize Sophorolipids. Chemical structure of Sophorolipids is the Ether Linkage of Fatty Acid and Sophorose (Disaccharide of two glucoses by Beta 1・2 bond). One of the most prominent Bio-surfactants in commercial scale manufacturing.

High Surface Tension Activity & Less Foaming

The Critical Micelle Concentration(CMC)of Sophorolipids is 10~40mg/L, and γ-CMC is 30~40mN/m, has very high efficiency as surfactants. This figure is 5 to 20 times better than Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(SDS), being considered due to its balky structure. However, Sophorolipids generate only less foam, contributing to easy rinsing and lower skin stimulus.

Maintaining Natural Composition Ratio

ACS remains same natural composition ratio of its Acid and Lactone Form since we think this is the best ratio designed by nature.

High Degradability

Sophorolipids has high degradability as same as Lauric Acid Sodium Salt, far better Eco-Friendliness comparing to existing synthetic surfactants.

Materials for Application


Press Release

August 29, 2013:The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
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August 30, 2013:Nikkei Bio tech, The Chemical Daily, etc.
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September 2, 2013:Nikkei Newspaper
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September 2, 2013:Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun
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Research Papers and Materials

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